About us


By remaining entirely focused on our client’s needs we are able to respond with the most effective and efficient solutions possible.

A key benefit of this focus and dedication is our clear understanding of the importance of getting it right. Within Airsym, there is a genuine belief that we must constantly strive to achieve perfection through flexibility, innovation, procedural enhancement, relationship building and hard work.

We truly believe that it is better to offer an outstanding level of service to a few clients rather than a mediocre service to many. Whilst Airsym obviously needs to grow and develop, we do not have aspirations to become the biggest, just to try and be the best or amongst the best.

Our company and all that we do is based on three core values:


“That our clients are uncompromising in their demand for the highest possible standards of service at all times”

In doing so, we can achieve a mutual understanding of each other’s objectives, priorities and expectations. Such understanding breeds rapport and trust, the basis of a true synergy that inspires us to provide the best service we possibly can. This synergy motivates our suppliers and affiliates to excel in every aspect of their service and instils our clients with the confidence and peace of mind they seek. On this basis, we can manage our clients’ projects with as much or as little intervention as they seek, making their lives easier


“That it is imperative to develop strong professional relationships with our clients and suppliers alike”

Airsym is not simply a reservations agent – we aim to add value for all of our clients at every stage of the purchase, reservation and service cycle to ensure we deliver the most effective chauffeur drive solutions we possibly can.


“That for every service we provide, there are three clients differing priorities and needs must all be addressed in concert”

1. The passenger travelling, who expects an impeccably clean, late model vehicle driven by a competent, professional and immaculately presented chauffeur with a flair for service and a strong sense of initiative.

2. The service organiser who needs immediate, 24-hour access to their Airsym coordinator (rather than an automated telephone menu or on-hold music that leads to a random reservations agent), rapid and accurate reservation administration with a choice of communication formats, batched invoices that are simple to reconcile and a proactive approach to the analysis, planning and implementation of their requirements.

3. The corporate purchasing professional who seeks to secure favourable commercial terms, a competitive rate structure and who must conduct due diligence to ensure the supplier is compliant with relevant legislative and insurance requirements.

Head Office

Eastern Business Park,
Building 256,Ely Road,
Heathrow Airport, TW6 2RF

Phone: 020 8756 0004

Website: www.air-sym.com

Email: info@air-sym.com

Terms And Conditions

Below’s terms and conditions are applicable to any person who hires our coach services or chauffeur services, whether a contract for hire has been established verbally, or in writing by AIRSYM.

  • Quotations
    • Our Quotations are based on lead time, coach size, vehicle type, the most direct routes (*unless specified by the hirer) and the information provided by the hirer. All our quotations are valid for 21 days from the date of issue, unless otherwise specified.
    • Please note, AIRSYM reserves the right to apply any fuel levy surcharges that may apply tothe hire or period of hire covered by the initial quotation.
    • The quotation price does not include charges for tolls, city permits, ferry transfer charges, Driver facility charges on tours more than one day (*refer condition 10) and any other applicable charges. Please refer to condition.
  • Use of Vehicle
    • The use of vehicle is at the discretion of AIRSYM. The hirer cannot assume use of the vehicle between outward and return journey, nor to remain at destination for hirers use unless previously agreed with the company.
  • Reservations and Payments:
    • A full pre-payment is required before the beginning of the hire, unless the hirer is on credit terms with AIRSYM.
    • Any deposits and balances must be paid within the agreed time, unless AIRSYM have agreed to extend the final payment date.
    • Payments can be made by cash, cheque, credit card, and bank transfer. Please note, payments by bank transfers are applicable for hires commencing at least 12 working days of UK Banks. Payment by credit card may incur an additional 5% surcharge.
    • In the event of any emergency, or of any action by the hirer to vary the agreed conditions, the company may, by returning all monies paid and without further or other liability cancel the contract.
  • Cancellations:
    • Cancellations by the Hirer:
      • Any cancellations must be informed verbally by contacting over telephone, followed by a confirmation in writing, fax or email.
      • Cancellation refund is based on the following:
      • 7 Days or more – 100% 
      • Less than 7 days but more than 48 hrs – 75% 
      • Less than 48 hrs but more than 24 hrs – 50% 
      • 24 hrs or less – none

Please note, the cost of any additional services or for any other facilities which have been purchased by AIRSYM at the request of the hirer will be charged accordingly along with any further administration charges incurred by the company.

  • Cancellations and Liability for circumstances beyond control of AIRSYM:
    • AIRSYM shall have no liability for any delayed services or failures of services, caused by a circumstance beyond our reasonable control. The circumstances beyond our reasonable control such as: war or threat of war, accidents causing delays on the service route, unforeseen traffic delays, strike/ industrial action, riot or local disturbance or unrest, problems caused by other customers, exceptional severe weather conditions, compliance with requests of the police, customs or other government, officials and security services, deaths and accidents on the road, vandalism and terrorism, the coach being held or delayed by a police officer, customs official or governmental official, approval of relevant governmental department of the countries concerned being refused on grounds of national security etc, bankruptcy, insolvency or cessation of trade of any carrier used by us including cross-channel carrier, and other circumstances affecting passenger safety.
    • Please note, in the event of any of above conditions or any other situations beyond the control of AIRSYM, we reserve the right to dissolve the contract and a full refund, not exceeding the amount of the hire; will be issued and without further or other liability, cancel the contract.
    • Please note ferry transfers are booked in advance and are non refundable. If Hirer claiming for refund of a tour which involved ferry transfer, the cost for ferry transfer cannot be refunded for above reason.
  • On Board AIRSYM Coaches & AIRSYM Chauffeurs:
    • Once the journey commences, AIRSYM driver unless previously specified will maintain the right to decide the route to be taken, with considerations given to weather, road closures, road accidents, and traffic congestion.
    • The driver is subject to EC 561/2006 driving regulations and these must be strictly adhered to at all times.
    • The hirer is responsible for the punctuality of all passengers, and the company is not liable for anyone arriving or returning late, and thereby missing the coach.
  • Vehicles:
    • AIRSYM reserves the right to provide a larger vehicle than the specified at no extra charge.
    • AIRSYM reserves the right to substitute other vehicles of similar quality, including those of other operations, for all or part of the hiring.
    • Please note that between the outward and return journey, the vehicle may be used by AIRSYM for other purposes/tasks, and the hirer may not presume the use of the vehicle apart from the transit.
    • Please note that the total seating capacity of the vehicle must not be exceeded at any given time and standing without a seat is strictly illicit due to safety reasons.
  • Health and Safety On Board AIRSYM’s Vehicles:
    • Our professional drivers ensure that you have an excellent experience and are responsible for the safe carriage of passengers on board. The drivers hold the authority to refuse entry or further carriage if any passenger/passengers violate statutory regulation.
    • Conduct of the passengers and any damages to the vehicle caused by passengers is hirer’s responsibility.
  • Insurance:
    • AIRSYM highly recommend the hirer or individual passengers to obtain personal travel insurance, save for negligence, the company’s liability is limited. Insuring all the items for loss, damage is hirer’s responsibility and we do not have any liability.
  • Luggage Capacity:
    • AIRSYM has diversity in its fleet and hence the luggage storing capacity varies according to the size of vehicle. On an average two medium size suitcases (each not exceeding 20 KG) and one small hand bag is permitted per person.
    • Handling of luggage is the passenger’s responsibility.
    • AIRSYM will not be responsible or liable for any theft or damage to properties of passengers travelling on the vehicle
  • Facilities for the driver by hirer for touring exceeding one day: If the itinerary involves touring for more than one day, the hirer needs to make below arrangements for the driver:
    • Single room private accommodation in a hotel
    • Parking charges for the coach. If the available parking is beyond one mile radius from the hotel, the hirer needs to pay for driver’s transportation between hotel and coach.
  • Complaints AIRSYM is committed to provide an exceptional service and ensure hirer’s have a safe journey. However, in the unlikely event of a complaint against AIRSYM services, the hirer should send the details of the complaint to us via email or post; within 7 days of the hire. AIRSYM will aim to resolve any complaint within 14 days of reciept.
  • Signage and Posters: If hirer wishes to apply any signage, posters, flags, notices, or pictures on the coach, a written consent must be obtained from AIRSYM at the time of booking.
  • Food and Beverage:
    • Consumption of hot beverages and alcohol is strictly forbidden on board AIRSYM’s Vehicles, unless agreed beforehand.
    • Consumption of food is permitted only on prior agreement with AIRSYM.
  • Drugs: Please note that the carriage and/or use of non prescribed drugs are strictly forbidden whilst travelling on the company’s vehicles.
  • Wheelchair: Depending up on the size of the coach, we can accommodate foldable, light weight wheel chairs as a part of the main luggage. Please note that hirer must inform in advance if any passenger wishes to carry any electronic wheel chair due to storage restrictions. Please note that weight, loading, and carriage restrictions are applicable.
  • Animals and livestock We accept assistance/guide dogs on all of our services but other than this we regret that no other animals are permitted.
  • Refund:
    • Claim from the passenger: A refund will be processed only up a formal claim by you and you are required to produce satisfactory documents for proof of identity, and purchase of ticket.
    • Claims After the journey: You must claim your refunds no later than 14 days from the date of travel of the journey. AIRSYM is not obliged to process any refunds for the claims made after 14 days of the date of journey.
    • Processing time: Up on approval and agreement, all the refunds will be processed within 28 days from the approved date.
    • The refund will be made in cash, bank transfer or by cheque at our discretion.

AIRSYM are committed to delivering excellent customer service. This customer services policy demonstrates our commitment in practice, and determines what our customers can expect from us and what we expect from our customers. As a coach hire company we provide a wide range of services across many different locations to different people and organisations and it is important that everyone receives the same high quality response.

Our promise to you We are committed to promoting access to our services and offering choice wherever possible in the services we provide. Our staffs are responsible for providing an efficient, caring and professional service.

Our Customer Service guidelines for complaint resolutions In an unfortunate event of any issues occurring with our service quality, we aim to act fairly and consistently with our customers so as to resolve any issue reasonably and as soon as possible.